November 22, 2010

exam time

today I gave midterms for the first time. the first class was chaotic, attempting to give an exam to about 140 students in a tiny room. im sure loads of them were cheating but I can't very well fail the whole class for cheating, or can I?

The next class was only about 40. 13 of them were definitely cheating and another 8 have many of the same answers. that means that around 50% are cheating, that I know about.

It really is quite shocking. Even the students who would have no problems passing are cheating and getting caught meaning they will fail. I don't understand this mindset. The test was listening to an english conversation and answering comprehension questions. Some of them showed up after we listened to the conversation and still managed to answer almost every single questions correctly. Unreal.

I don't know if its fair or safe to make conclusions from this experience but I will say that IF this is reflective of the Djiboutian mindset, and it may very well not be, than it explains a lot of things about this country.

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