January 20, 2011

some highlights

This is post #50 on Dan's Djibouti Journal. I'm shocked that I have been posting this regularly but thanks for reading so far.

 I saw another group of teenage girls fighting on the street, the girls had to be physically restrained by some men walking by. I have never seen teenage girls fight in the US in public but this is the 3rd one I've seen in Djibouti.

Rachel Jones baked me a loaf of homemade bread yesterday! The bread here is less than good and Rachel's bread is pretty amazing.

I started my 3rd French class this week at the Alliance Francais. I'm planning to take a certification exam in May or June in French so I want to take as many classes as possible before that.

I'm currently on a break from the university, i'm not sure when classes will begin again, what classes I will have, or what my schedule will be.

I decided to fast from watching movies & tv shows for awhile. I have a hard drive loaded with movies and tv shows and i feel like i've been wasting a lot of time watching them. So i gave the hard drive to a friend and now i'm trying to read more and play guitar more. so far so good


  1. can you add take more pictures to your list of things to do while not watching tv or movies please. I am just sayin......

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  3. A real renaissance man. Proud of you Dan.

  4. Tamara says she is on a movie fast this month too. Books and guitars are where it's at.

    Enjoy reading. Keep posting.