February 11, 2011

2011 or 1973

This doesn't have anything to do with Djibouti so now is your chance to bail.

I saw an interesting article today. The proposition is; if you could, would you live in 1973 with your current income, family, and friends? Because of inflation our current money would go 5x farther so I would assume that we would all be living quite comfortably.

Think of the possibilities; no technology dominating our lives, no war on terror, the 70's are the golden age of music in my opinion, we still have things like interstates, airline travel, gas is cheap, Michael Jackson was still black, its endless.

The guy who originally posted it here said he would not go back, he likes his technology and toys too much. But is that really where we derive our happiness from? All of our stuff? all the information we have now? Technology has invaded every part of our lives. I'm typing this on a computer in Africa for people all over the world to read. We can't even talk about or read about the effects of technology in our lives without using technology.

I'm voting for 1973. Check out another guy who also voted for life in 1973. I like his reasons for 1973.


  1. The Golden-Age of Music?? Really? I'd have to disagree on that point...plus, that means I would be an adult for the music of the 80's, which is even worse...but, I do like the idea of having less technology, and it would be nice to see my money go further...

    The only other downside I see is having to live through 8 years of Ronald Reagan as President...

  2. I would consider the golden age of music just a little further back. Around 1962-1972.