June 9, 2011

adventures in driving

So I have the use of a car while my friends are gone. Today was a crazy time. I ended up in a roundabout that was blocked off halfway through so there was traffic going both ways in the roundabout. That was awesome. Then to escape the roundabout I headed down a street but it was blocked by a giant hole, so I had to turn around. I never realized how important road construction signs really are.

Later I was driving and saw a guy crossing the road in front of me. He went about halfway across and instead of just pausing in the middle of the road to wait for the traffic like most people, he decided to suddenly leap back into my lane. I slammed on the brakes and thankfully did not hit him. I can not comprehend what that guy was thinking. Learning to look both ways is hammered into children in my country. We are taught to always be aware of traffic because it can kill you. This young man was a split second from death with his reckless behavior.

Don't worry Chans & Jones, the car is fine. 

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