September 21, 2010


This morning as I got to the university I noticed the ground was wet and I remember thinking that was odd. I went into the computer lab for about 20 minutes and when I left the building to go to class it was raining! Not a lot and the sun was still shining but it was still raining. It only rained for about 3 minutes but it was still amazing. I've had 3 classes so far. All of them are oral classes. I'm supposed to get a new class schedule soon so I will probably be moved around but for now I'm enjoying what I'm doing.

This week I went to a Yemeni restaurant to have a popular Yemeni fish dish with flatbread. Not much to look at but it was delicious. Unfortunately for you, I don't believe in taking pictures of food so you'll have to use your imagination.


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  2. Im happy to hear that you experienced some rain over there brother Dan. How were the three classes that you had? how many students are in the classes? Hope the new schedule works out. Much Love