September 16, 2010

schedule? what schedule?

Today is thursday here in djibouti. Tomorrow is friday, the muslim holy day, so everything is closed down. school starts saturday. i was supposed to receive my schedule of classes today, but so far nothing. such is life here. In theory, i'm also going to be taking a french class here but I'm learning not to count my eggs before they hatch here.

Seems weird to think i've been here only a week. it seems like way longer than that. it will be good to finally start teaching and having stuff to do instead of just bumming around all day and sweating. i'd rather be doing something and sweating.

Last night, i walked out into the courtyard of the palais du people. It's a convention center next door to where i live. it was actually cool outside and the breeze was blowing off the sea. At about 430 or so it starts to cool down and it actually feels nice here. But then then its pitch black at 6:30 so that feeling doesnt last long. keep in mind that cool in djibouiti is still a relative term. i'm still sweating even when its cool.

someday i'll have my classes and then i will tell you all about those madcap adventures. until then you're stuck with this


  1. Sounds hot! Clear and cold here. Saw a little frost this morning.


  2. Djibouti? Sounds like a really hot place.