October 25, 2010

Electricity in Djibouti

To say electricity is unreliable in Djibouti may not do it justice. It is notoriously unreliable. This morning I was scheduled to teach from 7:30-11:30. I ended up teaching from 7:30-8:30. Thats when the power whet out and my whole class left. Eventuallyit came back on around 8:50 but it was too late. The power stayed on in parts of the campus until around 9:15.

When I arrived for my 9:30 class there was no power which means no lights, no fans, and no AC. I stood around and sweated with my students for about 20 minutes and eventually told them to go home. I retreated to an internet cafe where I am now.

I'm supposed to have another class at 2:30 but we'll see about that. The afternoon is very hot even with the fans and AC. Coupled with the fact that many students don't feel the need to come to afternoon classes it should make for an enjoyable afternoon. I'm hoping I show up and either the power is out or none of my students have decided to come.

God did not intend that 50 people should gather in a small room on the 2nd floor of a cement building in Djibouti to discuss phonetic symbols and pronunciation at 2:30 in the afternoon.


  1. If that last phrase wasn't so darn specific, I'd use it all of the time!
    Also, Teacher Dan: in the context of the prior sentence, when is it appropriate to use "wasn't" and when is it correct to use "weren't?"
    Stumped in Seville

  2. P.S. Remember when we were roomies/homies/the two best friends that anyone could have and the neighborhood's power went out from that crazy storm and we hung out by candlelight with Soren and you ate peanut butter and it was completely wonderful? ... I guess what I'm saying is that good things do happen in the absence of electricity.

  3. Dan, sounds like quite the adventure! I experienced the same problem during my time in South Africa... candles took on a new meaning. Anyway, God is using you in powerful ways I'm sure. I'm proud of yoU!!

    -Heather Miller

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  5. @ Dan
    When did Sir Cristobal become such a cunning linguist??
    Stumped in Monrovia

  6. Better yet. Pull out a scented candle to hide a little of the B.O. And is it hotter or cooler in the shade when the AC is off in the building? Classes outdoors were always the best. Bring some chalk and have the students write encoded messages in phonics symbols on the sides of the cement building. No AC in building = Graffitti in English phonics! :) Aunt Grace