October 3, 2010

Weird experience at the water company/pictures

So today I finally went to the water company to set up my account. I tried to explain in my broken French what I needed to do and eventually got it taken care of. During the midst of this, the woman who was helping me asked if I had a telephone number so I wrote it down for her and she carefully went over. I was thinking she needed this for my account but then she leans in asks me if she can call me. At the time, I wasn't tracking with what was happenng so I said yes.

When I left the office I began to think about it and realized what had just happened. I didn't realize what she asking at the time since, in the US an office like that is very professional and you wouldn't do something like that with your customers. Not so in Djibouti. So perhaps in the coming days I will receive a phone call from a young Djiboutian maiden probably wanting to "practice English" with me since I'm an english teacher.

Also here's some pictures of the beach. enjoy


  1. And I always assumed it was commonplace for young women to ask you for your phone number, Dan!

  2. This makes me laugh! Good pics - you need to be in the next ones though.

  3. I'm with Rob on this one... and Joanne... and Sam... I always assumed that you were used to getting djibouti calls and it makes me laugh!

    I miss you mister!

  4. I was always taught not to give that information to strangers.......