December 3, 2010

Djiboutian parking

Last night as I left a restaurant there was a giant traffic jam. Djiboutians honk their horns a lot but last night was deafening. Some very intelligent person had decided to park his pickup in one of the lanes. Both shoulders were already full of parked cars so him parking in a lane meant no one could move. The traffic was backed up for several blocks in both directions and people were yelling and blaring their horns. I laughed at them as I walked past them sitting in their cars. Parking in the middle of the street is common but normally its done on a wide road with multiple lanes not on a 2 lane road with cars parked on both shoulders. What a sight. i took a picture on my cell phone but I dont know how to transfer it to the computer.


  1. Hmm...I want to be able to park in the middle of a road!

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