December 15, 2010

more observations

One thing here in Djibouti that I find disgusting is nose picking. This is an accepted part of everyday life and I see people engaging in this behavior in class, on the street, in the bus, and everywhere. There is no shame to be had in digging around in your nose for several minutes. Oftentimes in my class students will be digging for treasures for several minutes while they listen. Wow.

Another strange thing I witnessed today was a man kissing some children. I assume they were his children but affection or even communication between a father and children is rare. One of my students told me this morning that the only time he talks with his father is when his father asks him if he is passing his exams at school. Other than that, they don't speak to each other. In western culture fathers are considered integral to the upbringing of the family here they seem to just provide the finances and the muscle if discipline needs to happen. Or the experience of my students does not represent Djiboutian society.

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