September 26, 2010

No students

Today I was up at 6:30 for my 7:30 class. I appeared bright and early and found that only 1 student bothered to show up this morning. This same class had anothe class with me this evening but I told my lone student it was canceled and spread the word if she saw any of her slacker classmates.

My next class at 9:30 was a fascinating one. It was 1st year English majors and we debated marriage, love, and Islam's views on these for about 1.5 hours. Many students were very vocal in their opinions of these matters and were able to express themselves very eloquently in English. I was a bit surprised by the comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary of many of the students.

I started studying French last night. That was pretty interesting, I have a very basic knowledge of French but many of my classmates had zero knowledge of anything French. The class was an interesting mix of businesspeople, diplomats, doctors, and teachers.

Weather Update. It's starting to "cool" down here and by that I mean I'm not sweating profusely every time I step out the door. Now I'm just sweating.


  1. love to hear more about your tell

  2. Slacker students slack the world over! Sounds like you're off to a good start.

  3. Got up early and being a morning person only got one student show up! I hope the next class everyone is coming otherwise maybe they should just change the class time!

    Great start Mr. McCurry!

  4. Keep posting Dan. Interesting reading.


  5. I've read your posts and they are all interesting. Isn't it difficult to live abroad especially in an African nation?

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